Top 20 on 2 Best Seller Lists!

My novella,”It Came From The Rocks“, has hit the Top 20 on 2 of Amazon’s Kindle Store Best Seller lists in just 3 days!

2 Best Sellers Lists in 3 Days

2 Best Sellers Lists in 3 Days (click for larger view)

I know that offering the Free Giveaway promotion over the past 2 days (and tomorrow) is the driving factor behind the rankings, but that doesn’t make it feel any less of an achievement to me.

Plus, it was already getting some paid purchases on the first day it was published before I figured out how to setup the freebie promo. Yes, I’m a serious technophobe and if you knew me you’d understand what an accomplishment my just posting to this blog actually is, let alone trying to navigate and use online tools and software systems.

I also received my first review for “It Came From The Rocks” on Amazon. The person gave my story a 4 star positive rating, which was awesome. It’s always a bit scary when you create something and put it out there for others to share, and ultimately judge.

Even when you believe in your work, there’s always that little voice in the back of your head taunting you, saying that your work is crap and you’re going to get thrashed by everyone who reads it.

So, finding such a positive review on my story this morning was a very good way to start the day, and a new week.

I’d love to contact that reviewer to express my joy and gratitude since they were my first on Amazon, however there’s no way to do that which wouldn’t feel uber-creepy. So, if you are the one who left this review and happen to be reading my blog, please know that I am truly happy that you enjoyed my story, and will always remember the joy of reading your review as my first on Amazon.

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