Biostetrics [Short Story]

New Charlie also seemed to be more interested in exploring and reasoning the world around him, while the original had been more interested in simply experiencing it.

Replacement Charlie was not the exact same Charlie, and his parents allowed their disappointments to turn into resentments–and new Charlie felt them all.

It was when Charlie was eight that the director who approved his growth, again hard-pressed for money, sold the Mecklar’s story to a tabloid magazine and exposed Charlie as a full human replacement.

The media bonanza was relentless. Criminal charges were initially filed against the Mecklars, but subsequently dropped after a photo of Charlie crying as his parents were led away in handcuffs graced the cover of newspapers across the country, causing a public outpouring of support for the parents and child. The pressure resulted in political interventions that eventually made the charges go away.

Additional pressures and political interventions, along with the relocation of the Mecklar family eventually caused the media frenzy to die off as well. Reporters, pundits and members of the clergy still continued to discuss and debate full human replacements and Charlie’s story, but no longer felt the need to actually talk with any of the Mecklars for their coverages.

As he grew, Charlie continued to recognize the disappointments and resentments of his parents. Feeling emotionally abandoned he became withdrawn and isolated.

For reasons we may never fully understand, and perhaps Charlie didn’t comprehend either, he walked into the crowded floors of Sentinal High School this morning, stopped at a busy hallway intersection crowded with students making their way to first period class, and detonated the large pipe bomb he had strapped to himself.

Also killed in the blast were 11 other students and 1 school maintenance worker. An additional 17 students and 2 teachers were severely injured in the blast, however with the help of Biostetrics are expected to make full recoveries.

On his sixteenth birthday, Charlie Mecklar took his own life. He was 10 years old.

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