Biostetrics [Short Story]

Pittsburgh, May 14, 2023 – On his sixteenth birthday, Charlie Mecklar died. He was 10 years old.

You may remember the Mecklar’s story. In 2013, Rose and John Mecklar lost their 6 year old son, Charlie, to a tragic car accident. Suffering terrible grief they liquidated their modest assets and found a director from one of the smaller Biostetrics labs who was willing to ignore the ban on full human replacements which had been enacted immediately after the advancements of stem cell and DNA cloning research merged to create the human replacement parts industry.

While acceptable and advantageous to create replacement organs, tissues and sometimes whole limbs from the new technology, the notion of full human replacement was considered immoral and had been banned by both the U.S. Congress and the United Nations unanimously.

However, with so many replacement labs having sprung up as the industry emerged and expected to boom, some, especially the smaller ones, were having trouble getting enough initial business to stay profitable. Not that there wasn’t the need for their services, but in its infancy many people were still uneasy with the idea of replacing their organs or other damaged areas with the “fast grown” parts; and many continued insisting on the use of donor-based transplants for some time, despite the risk of rejections that had been overcome by Biostetrics.

It was the director of one of these small labs that the Mecklars approached with their money who agreed to grow a full human replacement from Charlie’s own DNA and cell storage unit.

Just 16 weeks later the Mecklars took their 6 year old son, Charlie, home for the very first time from the lab. But he wasn’t exactly the same Charlie. It’s not that he was evil or without a soul as some claimed a full human replacement would be, he was just different from the Charlie his parents had raised for 6 years in those small ways that only a parent might even recognize.

Physically he was identical to the original save for a small scar above Charlie’s right eye from a playground accident when he was four that the replacement didn’t have. But there were other differences. Charlie no longer had memories of his first 6 years, which was upsetting for his Mother; even though she understood why he lacked the memories, she wanted them to exist and constantly found herself disappointed when they didn’t.

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